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I've been really absent lately... among other things I'm in the middle of changing the furnishing in my room and some appointments with my dentist so I'm always tired and sore...

I'm sorry to being late with some iconing I had promised, I hope to be able to make them in the next weeks...

Here on DW I'm behind even with the old NCIS icons/wallpapers posts on ncis-heartland. I'll make them as soon as I'll have some free time.
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Waiting for the season finale of NCIS, I've updated [community profile] dreams_of_graphics, the community where I post all my icons and wallpapers not related to NCIS.
At the moment you can find there some things about:

TV Shows:
- Being Erica
- MacGyver
- Sanctuary
- Sapphire and Steel
- Spooks
- Stargate sg1
- The Mentalist
- True Blood

- Local Boys (Mark Harmon)
- Lucky 13 (Sasha Alexander)

- Mark Harmon
- Richard Armitage
- Richard Dean Anderson
- Amanda Tapping
- Sasha Alexander
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Is tuesday already?

Obviously not.

Like [personal profile] cyad says that I pointed out. LOL
We'll have to *patiently* wait for the finale. And, since we are not really the patient type, she thought we could play a game that'll take us smoothly to tuesday's episode. Wednesday, as far as europeans are concerned.

So, calling all NCIS but also music fans, regardless of fandom 'cause here's the thought:

For NCIS fans:
Every day from now on and up 'til wednesday, post the first song title (vid or other links are up to you) that comes to mind here or in your lj. That's 5 songs. *Not Gibbs's but, that's an idea*

Then watch the ep and, right when you're done, don't think, just post the first song or music or sound that crosses your mind. The day after the ep, also post the first song that comes to mind.

That bunch of 7 songs and/or sounds = your own personal Aliyah mix.

For non NCIS fans:
Same rules. From may 16th to 20th, post the first song title (vid or other links optional) that comes to mind here or in your lj. That's a total of 5 songs.

On may 19th, post first song that comes to mind in the morning AND first ones that comes to mind right after you've done something that's really dear to your heart. On may 20th, post the first song you wake up with: the one coming to mind after you hit that snooze button.

There goes your personal mix of 7 songs. And it'll be called Aliyah too... unless you can come up with a much better shiny name *Like: that crazy meme she made us do*. :D

Wanna play? You're on!

Aliyah Mix

Since I'm not always online in this days, this are my first 5 songs:

Un'emergenza d'amore - Laura Pausini
Lost - Michael Boublè
Days - David Bowie
With or Without you - U2
Ancora una notte insieme - Pooh

NCIS Season Finale Extended Preview )
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Sunday Michael Weatherly was at the Telefilm Festival in Milan. Sadly I wasn't able to go to see him but I've seen this on tv.
This is a crazy interview he made for a italian tv program: Quelli che il calcio.

Thanks to tdragonite
MW at the Telefilm Festival )
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Hi to all!

Kindly [personal profile] cyad invited me to prove this new journal. Since most of my friends are already here, even if I must found them, I'll try to double post on my lj account and here.

This journal will be mostly personal. For my graphics I've opened two communities:

[community profile] ncis_heartland for all my NCIS related icons, wallpapers, etc

[community profile] dreams_of_graphics for all the rest (Stargate sg1, Sanctuary, Richard Armitage, MacGyver, The Mentalist, Being Erica, etc)

So if you're interested on my icons, but not on my personal stuff, you can subscribe on the communities.

Now.. I hope to understand how the settings and all the rest can be used ^___^


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